Friday, October 28, 2011

Pippin, the Purrrfect Name

Peregrine Took, more commonly known as Pippin, is J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional character from Lord of the Rings.  Pippin is a very mischievous hobbit and is prone to making trouble and being a tad on the naughty side!  He had some trouble with Gandalf's fireworks, and some more problems in the mines of Moria.  He got captured by orcs, and had to go to Minas Tirith due to looking into the palantir of Orthanc.  This brings me to my new kitten, Pippin.

Pippin was found at one of the schools in my district as a stray with its litter mate.  One of my teacher friends brought him to a meeting and my son happened to be there.  My son was quite taken with him and we adopted him the next day.

Pip is only seven weeks old so he is definitely a little wild.  He launches himself at your toes and fingers and routinely bites them.  He was doing very well with the litter box until I changed his litter to one that tracks less.  He was very put out with me and decided to use my formal living room couch and my bed as his new litter box!  Good thing I figured out what was wrong.  Last night we lost him for awhile and found him in my son's toy box.  We have no idea how he got in there.  As you can see Pippin is the purrfect name for our newest family member.

Adorable Pippin

"I'm  thinking of doing something naughty!"