Saturday, December 31, 2011

Arwen and Pippin

Okay, Arwen and Pippin aren't in The Hobbit. You probably didn't know that Pippin has a thing for Arwen either.  No, we aren't talking about the real characters!  We are talking yet again about my cats for (I promise) the last time.  As you may remember, Pippin was a stray that I adopted, or abducted depending on if you take mine or Pippin's point of view.  In any case, Pippin was very lonely and needed a lot of attention.  He literally used me as a tree when he was bored. I was beginning to reconsider his name.  Maybe shrapnel would have been better. *snort*

Arwen was specifically  adopted for Pippin.  We had to find a zippy kitty and so we spent most of an afternoon at the Humane Society looking for just that.  Arwen is a little skinny black and white kitten who met the criteria very well.  After a little hissing and growling they were fast friends.  Just look at them! I like to call this pic (above)  the yin yang of cats.
licky, licky, bitey, bitey